#2625ADA — Barn Door Pull Set

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Part# 2625ADA

Barn Door Pull Set

Back to back ADA set that incorporates sturdy thru-bolt mounting for a hassle-free setup

Grip Dimensions 6" C.C. x 6-3/4" O.A. x 2-1/2" Clearance x 3/4" Ø
Flush Pull Face Dimensions 4" x 7"
Fasteners Type 1 (1/4-20) x 2-1/4 Thru Bolt
Mortise Size 3-1/2" Wide x 5" Tall x 1-1/8" Deep x 1/2" Ø Corners
Finishes US32/629 – Bright Stainless Steel
US32D/630 – Satin Stainless Steel
Flat Black Powder Coat
Dark Bronze Powder Coat

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