#424 — Push Bar with Posts

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Part# 424

Push Bar with Posts

Specify center to center dimension. Advise door thickness other than 1-3/4"

Clearance 1-1/2"
Projection 2-1/2"
Base 7/8" Rd
Fasteners Type 1MD - 5/16-18 × 2-1/2 Thru Bolt & Finish Washer
Fastener Options Type 5MD Back to Back Mtg on 1-3/4" Door
Type 6MD Concealed Mtg on Metal Door
Type 7MD Concealed Mtg on Wood Door
Type 9MD Decorative Blind Head
Type 10MD Back to Back Mtg on Glass Door
Material Size 1" Rd
Material Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Finishes US3/605 – Bright Brass
US4/606 – Satin Brass
US5/609 – Antique Brass
US10/612 – Satin Bronze
US10B/613 – Dark Bronze Oxidized
US26/625 – Bright Chrome Plated
US26D/626 – Satin Chrome Plated
US28/628 – Satin Anodized Aluminum
US32/629 – Bright Stainless Steel
US32D/630 – Satin Stainless Steel
Flat Black Powder Coat
Dark Bronze Powder Coat