#510 — Low Dome Stop

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Part# 510

Low Dome Stop

For doors without thresholds (not undercut). Designed to minimize stumbling hazards and cleaning interference. Non-marring rubber is attached in a tamper-proof manner to prevent theft.

Material Cast Brass or Bronze with Gray Rubber Bumper
Size 1-3/4" diameter x 1" High x 1/8" Base thickness
Finishes US3/605 – Bright Brass
US4/606 – Satin Brass
US10/612 – Satin Bronze
US10B/613 – Dark Bronze Oxidized
US26/625 – Bright Chrome Plated
US26D/626 – Satin Chrome Plated
Flat Black Powder Coat

ANSI L02141
Standard Fasteners Supplied with wood screws and machine screws with anchors.