#7945 — Non-Handed Self-Latching Flush Bolt Set - Wood Door

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Part# 7945

Non-Handed Self-Latching Flush Bolt Set - Wood Door

Up to 8' × 9' Wood Door Pairs. 3 Hour Fire Rating. Conforms to ANSI/BHMA A156.3 TYPE 25

Size 1" × 8-1/2"
Finishes US3/605 – Bright Brass
US4/606 – Satin Brass
US10B/613 – Dark Bronze
US32/629 – Bright Stainless Steel
US32D/630 – Satin Stainless Steel
Material Brass or Stainless Steel
Features UL Listed
Bolts will engage curved frame lip strike as inactive door closes locking inactive door.
Top bolt remains locked until plunger on face of bolt is depressed.
Bottom bolt is automatic and will engage sill and frame strike only when active door is closed.
Bottom bolt will release when active door is opened.
Bolts can be vertically adjusted to 1/2".

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