#545 — Dust Proof Strike

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Part# 545

Dust Proof Strike

Remove face plate for use with carpets or threshold applications. Can be used with all Burns manual and automatic flush bolts. Universal screw package included for all installations.

Size 1-3/8" × 2-7/8" Face Plate 7/8" Barrel Diameter
Finishes US3/605 – Bright Brass
US4/606 – Satin Brass
US10/612 – Satin Bronze
US10B/613 – Dark Bronze
US26/625 – Bright Chrome Plated
US26D/626 – Satin Chrome Plated
Flat Black Powder Coat
Material Brass
Fasteners (2) #8 × 1" FH SMS With Plastic Anchors
ANSI L04021

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